Sigrun and Jakob Stette were both born and lived in Spjelkavik, Sunnmøre where we married in 1955. We have two sons, Jon Børge and Frode.Sigrun og Jakob During Jakob's study in Trondheim at the University NTH (NTNU) 1954-1960 Sigrun worked as a Model designer at the Spjelkavik Shoe Factory in Spjelkavik. After high school Sigrun graduated in Dressmaking and Tailoring at the Ålesund Vocational School and thereafter studied at the National College of Art and Design and completed courses in interior Architecture. Jakob was employed as Electronics and Telecommunications engineer at Siemens in Oslo January 1961, first with specialist training at Siemens in Berlin and Munich until autumn 1962. Sigrun and our son Jon Børge lived with Jakob in Berlin. After returning from Germany to Norway in 1962 we moved into a new Siemens apartment in Seljeholtet in Bærum outside Oslo, where we lived until we moved into our own house at Bølersvingen10, Oslo in 1967. With leave of absence from Siemens, Jakob worked as an expatriate for NORAD (Norwegian Agency for international Development) on the PANAFTEL project in Kenya in the period 1977-1981. Our son Frode came with us to Kenya. Sigrun was engaged in starting up a sewing facility in Ngong outside Nairobi, training natives in making women's clothing. We lived in a rented house with a nice garden in Loresho Crescent in the suburb of Nairobi. Our son Frode completed International School in Nairobi and later on when we left Nairobi he graduated in Computer Science and subsequently in Business and Administration at the California State University Long Beach. Frode married Anne in 1994. He is now employed at the Norwegian Directorate of Health here in Oslo. During our stay in Nairobi Jon Børge was at home in Norway and studied Structural engineering and Building technology at the University NTH (NTNU) in Trondheim. Jon Børge married Ellen in 1979. He is employed at Dr.techn. Olav Olsen AS in Bærum. After completing the NORAD mission in 1981, we moved from Kenya back to our house in Bølersvingen10 in Oslo, and Jakob resumed his work at Siemens. Our house in Bølersvingen10 was sold November 2001, and we moved into a new apartment in Svingen10C at Ekebergskrenten in Oslo November 19, 2001. Photos from here are shown elsewhere on my Home Page "Hjemmeside". See the Menu links "Tidligere bosted" and "Nåværende bosted".
Every summer, 6 months we enjoy staying at our summerhouse in Fjällbacka Sweden, See the link "Sommersted"



2012-Family Photo from our Summerhouse in Fjällbacka

Our son Frode is seen second from the right and our son Jon Børge fourth from the right. Our daughter in law Anne is seen second from the left and Ellen first from the right. Our grandchildren Sara to the right of her mother Anne and Maria to the left of her father Frode. Sondre and Siri are sitting to the left of their father Jon Børge. Sigrun is seen to the left of Anne.